About the Company

  1. What is stanlee.net ?
    stanlee.net is the online entertainment hub for Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLM), which is an Internet-based, multimedia company founded by comic book icon Stan Lee (X-Men, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk) to produce exciting original branded characters and content with Stan's signature style.

  2. How do I learn more about or contact Stan Lee Media, Inc.?
    If you would like to learn more about Stan Lee Media, Inc. - including the corporate management and creative team, company milestones, press releases, stock information, etc. - CLICK HERE.

  3. How do I find out about advertising on stanlee.net ?
    If you are interested in advertising with Stan Lee Media, Inc., please send your questions to: adinfo@stanleemedia.com.

  4. What if I want to form a licensing agreement with Stan Lee Media, Inc.?
    Direct all inquiries to: licensinginfo@stanleemedia.com.

  5. How can I find out about jobs at Stan Lee Media, Inc.?
    We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with Stan Lee Media, Inc. We're not currently recruiting for talent, but we would be pleased to accept TEXT-ONLY resumes sent via e-mail (NO attachments please) to dcole@stanleemedia.com. We will keep these resumes on file or pass them along accordingly. Please review our legal disclaimer at: http://www.stanlee.net/legal.html.

  6. What is your policy regarding SUBMISSIONS to your company and/or your web site?
    You will find our submission policy in our Terms of Use.

About the Site

  1. What kind of BROWSER or SOFTWARE do I need to visit stanlee.net ?
    We strongly recommend users review for their latest browser version (minimum Internet Explorer 4.0 / Netscape 4.0). Some of the content, such as Activities, Games, and Webisodes, will require the latest versions of QuickTime, Shockwave and Flash (see other posted recommendations). At this time Web TV users will find their systems not compatible with most versions of Flash.

  2. How do I register at stanlee.net ?
    To register or log in at stanlee.net , please visit our Registration page at: Log In.

  3. Does stanlee.net keep all of my information PRIVATE?
    Yes. If you would like to read our Privacy Policy, just click through to our Terms of Use page. You will also find this link conveniently located in the bottom navigation on the stanlee.net site.

  4. How can I send my FEEDBACK to stanlee.net ?
    You can e-mail us at: feedback@stanleemedia.com. We appreciate hearing from you, because your comments can help us tailor our site to suit your needs.

  5. If you have any QUESTIONS or PROBLEMS (provide us with details!) that were not addressed by the above Frequently Asked Questions, e-mail our customer support team at: help@stanleemedia.com.